How to use $ in Articles using WP QuickLaTeX

I use WP QuickLaTeX by Pavel Holoborodko in some of my articles to include mathematical formulas.
Now it can be an issue that the „$“-sign, that marks the beginning of a formula, is used as dollar sign.

This can be achieved by using [latexpage] in the beginning of the page. Sometimes it is desirable, to apply this only to part of the page. This is achieved using [latexregion].

The following

$ this is a dollar sign
And this is a full line formular
And this is an inline formula $a^2+b^2=c^2$. With more stuff...
And here dollar signs $$$$ are dollar signs again.

results in:

$ this is a dollar sign

And this is a full line formular


And this is an inline formula a^2+b^2=c^2. With more stuff…

And here dollar signs $$$$ are dollar signs again.

And yes, to show the


above, I had to actually type


Let’s stop the recursion here…


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WordPress-Plugin destabilizes WordPress Installation – How to Fix

I had a plugin installed in WordPress. And had it activated. Then I got an error message like „Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‚plugin_version‘ in /www/htdocs/w00fb338/wp-content/plugins/share-on-diaspora/admin.php on line 17“, whenever I went to any admin or authoring functionality of my blog. Just reading it seemed to work fine. So there was no way to go to the plugins section of my dashboard to activate or uninstall that plugin, because there was not way to get there.

Since this blog is hosted on some typical web hosting service, there is no ssh access, which would be helpful, because there are command line interfaces to manage a wordpress installation. What remained was ftps to access the file system. Then the plugins could be found in the directory
and the plugin creating problems could be deleted using file operations.

I think we agree that this is kind of a hack, but it worked. The wordpress installation detected that the plugin was missing and deactivated it. Then it was usable again. I assume that this applies for any plugin. It should of course be used with care.

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Update of captcha-Plugin does not work

My wordpress installation suggested the update of a plugin for captcha, but it actually failed with an error message mentioning permissions and the files „captcha/cache/index.php“ and „captcha/cache/.htaccess“.
What did help:
In the directory of the wordpress-installation go to
Then delete the files index.php and .htaccess
Make a backup of them outside of the wordpress installation before deleting them.
Run update again.
This time it should work.
This is what I was able to do with my wordpress installations.
I am running 4.4.2–de_DE.

So it worked for me, that’s all I can say about this issue.

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Code examples in WordPress

When writing word press articles and including example code with <code>, the leading spaces are discarded when the article is displayed and without indention code looks weird and unreadable.

A way to bypass this is to transform tabs to spaces, and then replace all spaces by no-break-spaces (unicode 0x00A0). Then the indention remains intact. Direct copy paste from the blog to an editor or IDE will not be resulting in runnable code. But for non trivial examples I would recommend to put the code on github and add a link to the article. Code sniplets in articles should be mostly for human readers.

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Update of WordPress


The update of WordPress and its Plugins did not really work.

A small change helped a lot:

In .htaccess put the following line to the beginning of the file:

AddHandler php56-cgi .php

Then all updates seemed to work fine.

Maybe this helps others observing the same problem.

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Comment Functionality

The comment function does not seem to work after some software upgrades.
It is necessary to check write permissions on the directory /wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/captcha/cache, then it will work again.
So you can write comments again, I will only reject spam.

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