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From 2012-11-14 until 2012-11-16 I have been participating in the Devoxx conference in Antwerp. I liked it very much and found it very interesting. Hopefully I will be able to came again 2013.

A tiny problem already occured on my way to Antwerp, because the railroads were not operating as usual due to strikes. Fortunately I could totally avoid this problem by riding my bicycle from from Dusseldorf to Antwerp and after the conference back to Germany.

Part of a huge cinema complex was used as conference location. The theatre rooms were big enough (most of the time), had comfortable seats, good sound systems and magnificent projection facilities.

Devoxx was actually a Java conference, however, it has become much more diverse. There were speeches were covering other progamming languages for the JVM (Groovy, Scala, Clojure, Ceylon, …), software architecture, development processesses, security and many other topics. Most of the presentations were very well done and provided some interesting insights into their issue.

Good presentations were for example:

  • The Future of Software Development Process Methodology Effectiveness
  • Architecture All the Way Down
  • How to build pipelines for Big Data Hadoop using OSS
  • What’s new in Groovy 2.0? (which was an implicit fast track to learning Groovy for me 😉 )
  • Search, the Final Frontier
  • JSR 356: The Java API for WebSocket
  • Building Modular Applications with Enterprise OSGi

Maybe I will write more about some of the individual topics in the next few months.

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