Eatable Devices

Wearable devices have become normal and it is hard to buy clothes these days that do not actually belong to this category. If you don’t know, the NSA knows.

The new trend are eatable devices. It has been quite a challenge to create chips and batteries that can be chewed and swallowed without pain and without exploding while being eaten. But the newest chips are made of Bio-Silicon which is 100% eatable and riskless to eat. Batteries have been replaced by condensators, which proved to be the better choice.

Now this opens a huge range of applications. We can write apps that work on the cluster of eatables and support our diet, because they register exactly when, how and by whom they are eaten. Newer pricing models allow us to buy food and pay some part of the price only when we actually eat it. We can see when food is expired and discard it. Of course not in the regular garbage, but finally each household will now get a separate garbage can for electronic devices. Remember to put your clothes in there, even though you were not aware of the chips inside when you bought them. It will be better for the environment.

The labs of IBM and Coca Cola have jointly developed microchips that actually float in the drink and are so small that we usually do not see them. This will support the usual functions of eatable devices and will equip the drinker with so many chips inside the body that permanent tracking will become easy even without a cell phone.

Apple finally found their core business. Eatables. Apples. They almost taste like old style apples, are nicely designed and we buy them in the apple store instead of the supermarket. The first eaters waited half a week in front of the Apple stores to get the taste of the real Apple-apple as early as possible.

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