Internetexplorer and Microsoft Edge discontinued

It seems that Microsoft will discontinue development of its Edge Browser, which was meant to be an replacement for Internet Explorer. Instead they will base it on Google Chromium, so they will use the same HTML- and JavaScript-Engine as Google Chrome and the open source variant Chromium. The HTML- and JS-Engines of Edge will not be used any more. If you like, you can of course say, Edge will continue to exist, just undergo some changes. It is of course a matter of perspective. But the new Edge will not have very much in common with Internet Explorer and the old Edge, but very much with the Google browsers. So the way I see it, they discontinue their own browser and their own browser engine.

Is it a good or a bad thing? I think, it is not very important any more, because both Microsoft browsers combined have a combined share of only slightly above 5% of the human web usage.


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