Functional Scala

I participated online in the conference „Functional Scala 2020“ in London. That it was in London had mostly one relevance, which was the time zone. There was no physical location and all talks were done online. An interesting idea was a virtual location. It consisted of rooms and we could move a dot representing ourselves around. Each room consisted of a beautiful landscape as a map of a different climate zone. I could hear what others said, when I moved my dot, representing myself, closer to them, as in real life, and do some nice conversations like that.

A lot of things were said about Scala 3, which will be a big step forward, but also a big step, because it is not compatible with Scala 2. So some work will be necessary to move on to Scala 3, but we will gain a better language for beginners, intermediates and advanced Scala developers.

I am really looking forward to Functional Scala 2021, hopefully in London.

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