New Java Framework: Functionativity

A new Java framework Functionativity has been announced today. I will totally change the way we work and attract all people who are now using other langauges like Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, Ruby, Perl, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript … to move to Java, just to be able to use this new framework and gain more efficiency than ever before within a week after the transition.

Funcionativity is installed only on the developers machine. The program is written there in any style and automatically transformed into highly functional modern java code that allows for high scalability and runs on any device without any installation of software and without any testing. The new super sandbox prevents any bugs from actually being executed. With artificial intelligence the framework finds out what was meant to be programmed, even if there are some inaccuracies and bugs in the program and it will correct itself. The web interface will design itself automatically to the current taste and cooperate design and create the maximal user friendly UEX. It is using only HTML, and with a trick it can put functionality that used to require JavaScript into pure executable HTML. So it works even with very old browsers and JavaScript turned off and provides a rich and highly responsive user interface that minimized network traffic between the browser and the server.

There are integrations to combine Functionativity code with existing legacy frameworks and of course migration scripts to transform code written in other langauges into Java code that works with Functionativity…

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