ScalaUA 2018

About a week ago I visited Scala UA in Kiev.

This was the schedule.

It was a great conference once again, as it was already in 2017 and I really enjoyed everything, including the food, which was great again… 🙂

I listened to the following talks on the first day:

  • Tales from the trenches, developing Scala at scale, Rory Graves
  • Practical Introduction to Basic Cats Typeclasses, Anatolii Kmetiuk
  • User Behavior Analytics for Cyber Security and Its Implementation In Scala, Derek Lin & Leonid Kladko
  • Evolution of ads management platform architecture from Akka Cluster to Akka Streams Kafka, Andrew Lashchenko
  • Hands-on Image Recognition with Scala, Spark and DeepLearning4j, Guglielmo Iozzia
  • Integration testing of REST services using Akka Http, Noam Almog
  • Datomic — the functional database, August Lilleaas
  • SmartContracts & Blockchain: somebody had to say it…, Ruslan Shevchenko
  • Open Bank Project: Open source, open data, global banks, Scala and transparency. How did that happen?, Marko Milić

And I gave this talk:

On the second day I listened to the following talks:

  • Advanced Patterns in Asynchronous Programming, Michael Arenzon & Assaf Ronen
  • Akka: Actors Design And Communication Techniques, Alex Zvolinskiy
  • Monad Stacks or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Free Monad, and other stories, Harry Laoulakos
  • Scala on Wire: How event streams help us build Android apps, Maciej Gorywoda
  • Purely functional microservices with http4s and doobie, Jasper van Zandbeek
  • Tame Your Data with Reactive Streams and Monix, Jacek Kunicki
  • Future and issues of the Scala Ecosystem, Panel Discussion
  • Roll your own Event Sourcing, Lina Krutulytė-Kriščiūnė

And I gave this talk:

As always there was a lot of inspiration coming from the talks and a lot worth exploring in future posts. So there will be Scala posts once in a while, as in the past…

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