Goodware: Russian BOT-Networks

The FSB in Russia has an increasing demand for computing power and storage. On the other hand it is getting more difficult to import computers or parts into Russia due to the sanctions.

So now an innovative Russian IT work group has developed a software stack, that allows reliable storage and computing on bot nets.

Some challenges:

  • It is possible that a whole bot net is taken down and all the data is lost
  • Since the confidential data is distributed across millions or billions of nodes all over the world, good encryption is needed all the way
  • Transfer of data needs to be obfuscated

The work group came up with solutions. They develop malware, which is actually called „goodware“, because it serves a good purpose, that installs the software on millions of computers all over the world. This malware is constantly changed and updated, in order to create multiple independent botnets.

The crucial data is encrypted. Advanced Russian technology allows to perform the calculations on encrypted data, so the real content is never revealed on the node.

The FSB-IT-team creates virtual networks, again based on botnets of goodware, with many hops that change rapidly to transfer data and goodware to and from the nodes and to control them.

Data is stored and processed redundantly. Since there is a huge surplus of computing power and storage volume, it is possible to store data with such high multiplicity that recovery is possible even if multiple complete goodware-botnets are taken down.

A positive side effect is that the FSB learns what is going on on the devices where they have positioned their goodware.

So let’s buy more and better computers and help the FSB to get more computing power.

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